The capital of Indonesia is an exotic metropolis that is home to over 9 million people. It is the center for national politics, finance, & trade making it a truly dynamic city, and shaper of Indonesia's modern culture and history. It is dense, and in this denseness is a sort of mish-mash dichotomy of past and present, developing and developed, giving and taking. A patchwork of livelihoods and experiences, with luxury cars juxtaposed to rusting jeeps and state of the art highrises beside makeshift shacks, it is a dynamic, living breathing example of resiliency through a rich history, and forward thinking in the willingness to transition. In this bustling metropolis where contemporary and classic meet, you'll find endless markets to bargain in, an internationally distinct cuisine, a nightlife second to none, and vibrant people at every street and walkway, each with their stories to tell.

This is Jakarta BY Jakarta.


Central Jakarta September 18, 2013

Disposable Camera Project 2013